Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goodbye Containers!!!

Over the last few weeks we have been really busy here getting the containers packed and ready to be shipped out! Basirou, Ousman and I had a weekend marathon packing the last 3 containers full of tons of school supplies and clothing, first we separated each item, then counted them to keep an inventory of what we were shipping and then we packed them away to not be seen until they are thousands of miles and a huge ocean away!

We ended up shipping a total of 5 fifty five gallon containers. The people came all the way from Pennsylvania last Sunday to pick up our containers and we packed their van full! We got a good deal paying $130 per container for shipping.

In a couple of months Basirou and I will be heading to The Gambia where we will meet with a Peace Corps volunteer Ian to unpack and organize everything we have shipped and distribute these items according to schools that are in the most need of them. 3 gallons of chalkboard paint along with several good paint brushes were also sent to help repair damaged chalkboards.

If you want to help and haven't had the chance to you are not too late! We are still accepting financial donations to purchase additional supplies we can carry on in our luggage and also for the supplies to get to where they need to be once in The Gambia. Many of these school supplies are going to the Upper River Region which is several hours drive from the city we are separating these items in. Feel free to give any amount as small as $1 will make a difference! There is a paypal button to the right that is a very easy way to donate any amount you would like to give! Any extra amount made above and beyond what we need for supplies and deliveries will be used to sponsor children who cant afford to go to school for a chance to attend!

For any further questions contact me at Thanks!!

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